Saydet el Jabal - calls again on the representatives to demand the lifting of the Iranian occupation from under the dome of Parliament and demands the Lebanese judiciary to hear the Secretary-General of Hezbollah in cases of assassinations and treason



July 25, 2022


 “Saydet el Jabal Gathering” held its weekly meeting and delivered the following statement:


Since the arrest of Moussa El Hage, Archbishop of Haifa and the Holy Land on July 18, Hezbollah has been trying, through its political and media tools, to make this case look like a strictly legal one with no political motivations behind it, although the truth is that it is a political case par excellence. It is as if Hezbollah, the Iranian agent, was indirectly saying through this case, that there is a national community that freed the Lebanese land, fought terrorism and is now handling the delimitation of maritime borders with Israel, while there is another community with a questionable national belonging trying to normalize ties with Israel.

This logic that Hezbollah is trying to consecrate is firmly condemned especially that it targets a national symbol that was entrusted, throughout history, with the protection of the Lebanese entity as a final homeland for its citizens, of the Arab identity of Lebanon and of coexistence, while the logic of Hezbollah violates the pact of mutual existence between the Lebanese and seriously threatens national unity.

History is a witness to the national positions that the Maronite Patriarchate took against all powers that occupied Lebanon, and is standing today against the Iranian occupation of Lebanon. The Patriarchate is therefore called not to frame the issue as a Christian one but to transform this case into an inclusive national cause because lifting the Iranian occupation of Lebanon is a national battle and is by no means exclusive to one sectarian community.

There will be no point in holding an international conference about Lebanon if its agenda is not strictly limited to the implementation of the Constitution, the Charter of National Reconciliation, and the UN resolutions 1559, 1701 and 1680…

Saydet el Jabal Gathering associates itself with Patriarch Bechara El Rai in his statement about sovereign MPs being our voice in the Lebanese Parliament, calling on them today more than ever to work on lifting the Iranian occupation from within the Constitutional institutions namely the Parliament.

Finally, the Gathering asks the Lebanese judiciary to summon the Secretary General of Hezbollah for questioning over Rafic Hariri assassination and other assassinations that were not investigated, including the latest killing of activist Lukman Slim and Joseph Bejjani, the May 7 coup, and the Beirut Port explosion.

Hezbollah shall also be questioned by the Lebanese judiciary about the source of its income and its formation of an armed group in the service of a foreign State which goes against the Lebanese Constitution and the Lebanese laws and is therefore, by all legal and linguistic standards, a clear case of a party acting as a foreign agent.