Lady of the Mountain - The specifications of the future President of the Republic are based solely on his commitment to “the finality of the Lebanese entity, its Arabness, and its coexistence.”




September 5, 2022


“Saydet El Jabal” Gathering held its periodic meeting online and issued the following statement:

With the constitutional deadline for the election of a President coming into effect, Lebanon enters one more time into a dangerous period on the political, social and security levels, with the return of the political assassinations threat at a critical crossroad: the dispute over the presidency in addition to the exacerbation of the collapse on the verge of winter internally, and the struggle over the nuclear agreement with Iran regionally.

Faced with this reality, the political powers represented in the Parliament are acting as if the Presidential vacuum was a fact, instead of addressing the risks and doing what is necessary for the elections to be held within the constitutional deadlines. These political powers are filling this downtime with many speeches and declarations that have no practical political translation. For all these reasons, the Gathering is addressing the opposition MPs specifically as they bear a double responsibility due to the promises of change that they made to the Lebanese on the eve and in the wake of the elections.

Nevertheless, we appreciate the positive development that took place amongst the deputies of change with the new positions they declared and that observe the same positions as Saydet El Jabal Gathering, to a certain extent.

The opposition MPs should either unite behind a Lebanese project for the Lebanese presidency against the Iranian project led by Hezbollah, or present their resignations as they have not been able to keep the promises they made to the Lebanese people.

The Gathering is astonished at the race for determining the characteristics of the next President, while these characteristics are already determined and set in the preamble of the Constitution and is based on the commitment of the President of the Republic to three pillars: Lebanon a final homeland to its citizens, the Arab identity of Lebanon, and coexistence.

These three pillars are the only roadmap for the election of a Lebanese President, as for the other roads, they will lead an Iranian President to Baabda Palace, and at that point the weeping and gnashing of teeth will not help.