Saydet El Jabal - called on the Maronite Church to lead the battle to lift the Iranian occupation of Lebanon because it is called to fill the political vacuum



November 7, 2022


Saydet El Jabal Gathering held its weekly meeting online and issued the following statement:

First: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with the support of the UN special coordinator for Lebanon, declared the need to preserve the Taef Agreement described as the most suitable organizational framework for inter-Lebanese relations, and the pathway to exit the current crisis. Saydet El Jabal Gathering condemns all the statements made by Lebanese leaders during the UNESCO conference, as they avoided to justify the non-implementation of the Taef Agreement during the last 33 years, which was actually due to the previous Syrian occupation and to the current Iranian occupation, and merely cited secondary reasons that do not reflect the current situation.

Secondly: Hezbollah's media outlets are trying to bring the Christian political crisis into view, warning against the return to violence within the Christian community.

The Gathering is keen on clarifying the following:

1- The current crisis is not limited to one of the Lebanese sectarian communities, as all the Lebanese are suffering from a severe national crisis.

2- Christians are witnessing an internal struggle over political power, Shiites became a tool to consolidate Iran's influence, and Sunnis are searching for ways to come back to the political life... While Lebanon is struggling under an Iranian occupation that paralyzed all powers within the Lebanese society, be it sectarian or civil powers, and drained the capacity of the Lebanese to create any form of resistance.

Therefore, Saydet El Jabal Gathering calls the Maronite Church to lead the anti-Iranian occupation movement through the enforcement of the Constitution, reference legislations, the National Pact and the international community's resolutions 1559-1680-1701 and 2650. The Church is called to gather the Lebanese around the need to build a sovereign, free and independent State. The role of the Church and of all spiritual authorities is essential in filling the current political vacuum.